Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Farming Giddeus

I decided that I really needed an inflow of gil. I have lots of things I need for Corsair; Bullet Pouches (and lots of them!), a Bard Die, a Gunbelt... some pricy things. So I decided to do something stupid. I went to camp Hoo Mjuu the Torrent.

He almost never shows up. He has a variable time lottery spawn. He's always camped. He has a 5% drop for his big treasure. Hoo Mjuu! I had camped Hoo once before, spending about 12 hours trying for him and not getting claim once. So after I calmed down and stopped leveling Bard, I went on my way and never tried again. Until yesterday.

I get out to Giddeus, this time as THF/BST for the charm claim technique, which had stymied me on my last visit. I made a few macros up and got to killing. Luckily, there was only one other camper and he seemed to be afk. On my second pass through the area killing all the yagudo, he popped! And I claimed him! Poor Hoo doesn't really have a chance in hell against anyone over level 25, so he cast his benediction and promptly died. And there, on his still warm corpse, I found... Zealot Mitts. Better than a scroll of deodorize, at least.

After taking a break, I went back to camping, my enthusiasm renewed by my first successful claim. I fought my way through a host of yagudo, and even some other campers. I claimed twice more, both deodorize scrolls this time. I went back to town and sold my stuff then went to bed.

This morning I returned to Hoo's spawn area, where two campers stole almost every mob I tried to claim out from under me. I held back my charm claim, hoping to surprise them. Then, suddenly, Hoo popped right in front of me. I hit charm, and was out of range. On my second try, however, I got him. I was amazed i had two trys on the claim before the other two campers could notice he was up. So Hoo died again. (I wonder how long his average life expectancy is? Less than a minute?) And there, gleaming like a shiny thing surrounded by unshiny things, was my drop. Monster Signa. 

Good times. And I got almost 100k worth of extra stuff to sell off the yagudos and wasps I killed waiting for Hoo to pop. 

Now it just has to sell.

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