Saturday, March 10, 2007

Qufim Is the New Dunes

I had some troubles this week, my internet went down... mostly. I could get it going for anywhere from 5 minutes to two hours at a time. So I called the cable company and yesterday they sent out a guy who got everything leading up to my house replaced, and, lo, there was internet.

So I decided to get back to leveling BLM, I only had 3 more levels to get to 25. I got an invite pretty fast, and it was even for a full party. Good so far. Then as they all enter the tunnel from Port Jeuno, the party leader dies.


Then he wanted to wait for a raise, even though his home point was in the Port.

Alarm bells should start to go off here.

We killed some stuff, and eventually he gave up, HP'd, and caught up with us as we plinked worms out of boredom.

'Let's go to pug alley', someone says, and we all proceed to run off that way. Except I suddenly seem to be alone. Oh, I see, everyone has gone to the lake instead.

I try to explain that pug alley is right near us, but somehow everyone else thinks that we should now go to Delkfutt's Tower. So I go with them... and watch them run straight through a wight.

So we're still heading to the tower, but now someone is dying. They all zone and I watch the wight de-pop. 'You can come out now.' No-one comes out. 'It's safe.' Nothing.


Soon after that someone decides it's time to get started. On clippers. I explain that I'm the lowest level in the party and the clippers are only T to me. Maybe we should try some pugs. But apparently our 6 member party can't handle them.

Perhaps because the tank seems afraid to actually provoke more than one time per mob. Or maybe because one of the mages had a Baron's Chapeau on...

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Because, you know, more enmity on the mages is good, right?

Hmm, what else? The thief had WHM 10 as a sub, that was cool. Someone else had an underleveled sub too, I forget who it was.

Oh, and the other BLM really liked to use aeroga. Big confidence booster there.

In the end, I got halfway through 23 and decided to leave when we moved into Delkfutt's Tower to fight more mostly T mobs. It was long, but at least no-one disconnected or left without warning. I got a 24 Dragoon to come in my place, and he was probably happy for any invite, so that was okay.

I'll be levelling more often now that my internet is working, so hopefully I'll be getting back to a better post frequency. More than once a week at any rate.

Coming soon: More NM's!

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Slow Week

Sometimes I get distracted by things.

In fact, that's sort of the whole point of this blog.

So I haven't played that much this week, Mainly because of D. Grey-Man and Naruto.

Ah well.

I have kind of come up with a plan for my progression, something other than BLM to 25 then RDM to 50. Just some things I have been thinking of at work while I've been waiting for some anti-virus scan to run or something. I've been trying to think of the gear I'll want to get as I get higher as RDM.

BLM stuff will be strictly utilitarian stuff I will keep to then raise WHM as another sub, hopefully.

So I started to consider what I would want to get, and I quickly spirraled out of control, thinking about nonsense like what I should do after I get RDM to 75.

Ha. I've been playing for three years and I'm at 41. I'm looking at things I'll be doing post 2010, most likely.

Anyhow, I'll be trying to get to 50, then raise BLM to 30, then RDM to 60.

I'll be all sorts of happy if I can do that.