Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Farming Giddeus

I decided that I really needed an inflow of gil. I have lots of things I need for Corsair; Bullet Pouches (and lots of them!), a Bard Die, a Gunbelt... some pricy things. So I decided to do something stupid. I went to camp Hoo Mjuu the Torrent.

He almost never shows up. He has a variable time lottery spawn. He's always camped. He has a 5% drop for his big treasure. Hoo Mjuu! I had camped Hoo once before, spending about 12 hours trying for him and not getting claim once. So after I calmed down and stopped leveling Bard, I went on my way and never tried again. Until yesterday.

I get out to Giddeus, this time as THF/BST for the charm claim technique, which had stymied me on my last visit. I made a few macros up and got to killing. Luckily, there was only one other camper and he seemed to be afk. On my second pass through the area killing all the yagudo, he popped! And I claimed him! Poor Hoo doesn't really have a chance in hell against anyone over level 25, so he cast his benediction and promptly died. And there, on his still warm corpse, I found... Zealot Mitts. Better than a scroll of deodorize, at least.

After taking a break, I went back to camping, my enthusiasm renewed by my first successful claim. I fought my way through a host of yagudo, and even some other campers. I claimed twice more, both deodorize scrolls this time. I went back to town and sold my stuff then went to bed.

This morning I returned to Hoo's spawn area, where two campers stole almost every mob I tried to claim out from under me. I held back my charm claim, hoping to surprise them. Then, suddenly, Hoo popped right in front of me. I hit charm, and was out of range. On my second try, however, I got him. I was amazed i had two trys on the claim before the other two campers could notice he was up. So Hoo died again. (I wonder how long his average life expectancy is? Less than a minute?) And there, gleaming like a shiny thing surrounded by unshiny things, was my drop. Monster Signa. 

Good times. And I got almost 100k worth of extra stuff to sell off the yagudos and wasps I killed waiting for Hoo to pop. 

Now it just has to sell.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Anniversary In Buburimu

Last night, I went to Buburimu Peninsula with the Anniversary Ring... and leveled Corsair to 24. Very fast. Unbelievably so. I died once, but still ended up 1k into 24. Amazing. 

I'll post more later.

I need to farm some Tiger Fangs for some money.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Dunes... Solo

This morning I was at a loss for what to do, still no sales at the AH, and no space to put anything else up, so farming is pretty much out. I considered burning some beastman seals on Treasure and Tribulations, but I've never gotten anything good off of that. Going as a Ninja keeps me from losing xp but... it just never seems worth it.

Then I thought of what Zeik had said in passing, that I might want to go try to solo in the Dunes. So I decided to give it a shot. It went very well, I was surprised. I was able to get OK xp off of the rabbits and gobs near the zone to La Theine Plateau. I tried to conserve ammunition by saving my bullets for Hot Shot and emergencies, and it worked well. I went after a sheep and took it down pretty easily, although I needed to rest after just the one kill that time. 

So later this afternoon the plan is to use an empress charge and solo my way up to 23. I think it shouldn't be a problem at all. If it goes really well I might even use an anniversary charge too. That would get me to 24 easily. Then I could get the Empress Hairpin and Nomad's Mantle out of the mog safe and get working on 25 and Kazham.

So many plans...

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Auction House Blues

Well none of my stuff sold yet. /cry

Whatever. If it doesn't sell I'll just vendor it all for some cash at least.

Quick update:

1) Got Puppetmaster Die.

2) Died trying to solo Immortal Sentinels.

3) Leveled Corsair up to 22. Bullets are fun!

More later. Bed now.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Farm Day

Not much big today. I took Corsair back out for a little bit of soloing, just enough to get my buffer so I ddon't have to worry about deleveling. Just barely. Then I decided to get on Thief and do some farming. After some aimless wandering, I found what will hopefully be a dependable goldmine, netting me enough Auction House materials to get a stack of Bullet Pouches and my next two Corsair Dice. I need about 91k for all that, and I now have 11k on me and 40k in the AH, with another 8k ready to post once that stuff sells. So potentially I'm at 59k. Tomorrow I'll go out and do more of the same for another hopeful 48k worth of stuff, buy my dice and make do with my two stacks of bullets. It might get me through to 23, I'm hoping. We'll see, I've never really tried just ranging the whole fight, at least not in a long long time, since I got Ranger up to 20 years ago. I did also get my other Beetle Ring +1. Cool. And very cheap. I'm almost ready to get back on the grind. 

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Soloing Giraffes for Fun and... Femurs.

I just soloed COR up to 21. I'm not very far past the level... if I die it's the big delevel for me... for now. But level 21 means new armour! Yay! I was pretty broke, but I managed to grab one of the Beetle Ring +1's I wanted, as well as a really cheap Beetle Harness +1 (for 5k!) and a Beetle Subligar. I like the subligar since it's one of those ones that actually doesn't look like copper diapers. It even covers my legs completely, which is odd since the Lizard Trousers didn't. Anyhow, all I need now is one more Beetle Ring +1 and I'm set for the next few levels. Woot.

Cool Sig!

Alsaius of the FFXIclopedia forums made me this awesome new sig.
Yeah I know I don't have a hexagun or all that AF in the back... it's still pretty neat.

New Box, New Boots


My 360 came back yesterday, That is to say a new 360 came by UPS yesterday, with a note basically saying they couldn't fix the old one so here's a new one. Good enough. I hope it has the extra heat sink in it.

I got everything set back up and got right on FFXI to se what had been going on. Everyone was very nice and said they missed me. Aww.

In the dry spell of the last month, I had started to peruse a few forums and blogs, and I had started to think that when I got my 360 back, I really wanted to level Corsair. Why? They have one of the neatest concepts I think there is in the game. The whole gambler thing is awesome. (Cait Sith was awesome, and Wakka, while not awesome in and of himself, did have his voice acting done by John Di Maggio, who is also the voice of Bender in Futurama. So he was cool by extension.) I just like the idea that Corsairs might help out the party, or, then again, might not. Also, they look amazing. The hexagun, the AF, they just look so perfect.

So I decided as soon as I got going. I switched to Corsair. I went to the Auction House and blew all my cash on the extra equipment I'd want to have to really be geared up. Luckily, at level 19, there's not all that much leet gear to worry about. I got a Kingdom Bandana, a Feather Collar, a Warrior's Belt +1, (I seem to have lost/sold the one I used to have... mule confusion!) and some ingredients for Jack-o'-Lanterns. And then I was broke. I have the NQ Bone Earrings and Rings, and I figured that was no big deal since I could upgrade to Beetle +1's at 21. And I already have the Earrings. So money saved there (sorta).

Then I went out with my flag up. No invites. Ah, that's what happens at level 19... too high for Dunes, too low for Qufim. So I went over to Bastok to try for the one piece of gear I really wanted. Bounding Boots

I went out to Lizzy's spawn area, and there were about 7 people in the area. Two of them seemed to be AFK, two were leveling some jobs around lv7, two were apparently trying to pop Lizzy by killing every Rock Lizard they could find, and the last guy knew what he was doing. Once I was actually able to figure out which lizards were the placeholders, I saw that he had them both on timers. It looked bad for me. Then, after about 10 minutes of looking around, I saw her. I took aim (with a Bandit Gun!?) and... moved. Oops. I aimed again and got the claim. Yay. I wasn't too hopeful since I was just a 19 COR/RNG, no helpful TH2 and all. And so it went. No drop. Aww.

So I left, off to Konschtat Highlands to solo a bit. I got some xp and then died. Just enough to basically break even. On the downside I had used my Empress Ring. So I ran down to Qufim and flagged up. And nobody, absolutely nobody was partying. Not one single party of anyone between the levels of 19 to 24. Nothing.

Then a DRG showed up and saved the day! He got a whole group together and we went off to the lake to kill worms and crabs. After a short time, the THF leveled. To 24. Then left. Then the WHM had to go. Then the NIN blew himself up and was suddenly in Whitegate.

...And we got 3 more people, including another WHM! We were killing stuff left and right, and I got my xp bonus completed with 13 minutes left on the charge. And then I even got to COR 20 with a nice big buffer. It was very nice.

Oh, and then this morning I went back to South Gustaberg as a THF, walked straight up to Lizzy, who was waiting there unclaimed, killed her and got my boots. I got back to Jeuno before the airship did.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Heat Sinks!

Apparently the extended warranty is because they finally figured out how to make these damn things work right.

Add another heat sink! Dang. Wonder who finally figured out that one.

Worker>> Damn, this one has a melted motherboard too!

Boss>> What could it be!?!

Yeah, anyhow, I should get it back in like a week now I think.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Ring of Fire

Hey! My Xbox is broken! Wheee!

Three red lights on the ring mean I'm sending it back to Microsoft for free repairs, so that's ok.
And they've even just expanded their warranty, so I guess thats cool.

I'm starting a new blog, about all sorts of games very soon.
If anyone ever reads this thing even though I never update it, I hope you go check it out.

I'll update that one regularly, I promise.

I'm not sure why I couldn't get a title up there... hmmm. Oh I fixed it.