Monday, August 13, 2007

Level Like It Means Something

I finished leveling Warrior! After approximately 15 deaths, I was able to reach level 18 and put Warrior behind me. Thank god.
And I went and leveled Ninja too! It's up to 27 already and I didn't even use a stack of Shihei doing it. So that's cool. Now the question is do I level thief to 55 and do Genkai 2 (and some AF stuff), or do I just get Ninja to 37 so I can concentrate on one thing at a time?
Decisions, decisions.
I'm just pretty happy with my progress lately.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Something A Little Lengthier

... But still not very long. I've been able to coax my 360 into slightly better health, but the fact remains that soon it will be returning to Texas for a spruce-up.
Before that happens, however, I've been getting stuff done. Thief is now at 50! And I've gotten the Old Gauntlets already for the Borghertz AF Gloves quest. AF2 has also been started. But the true horror at hand is that I've given up on the idea of subbing THF to get NIN to 37 and I'm only 2 levels away from Warrior 18. This will allow me to sub it for Ninja up to 37, and then go back to getting Thief all the way to 75. But I hate Warrior, at least in the dunes. I swear I died 10 times today. I think I'm going to solo the last level... Sigh.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Another Mini Update

Big thank you to Vid, Zo and Elmi for going with me to get my Genkai 1 items!

And I got up to TAU 12. Seems like a lot, but basically it's all easily soloable. Now I'm stuck at getting a drop off an ameretat. Which there's no way I could solo. Oh well.

And I got 28 Corsair. Archer's Knife! Can't seem to get an invite on thief though.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

News Brief!

Hey there...

3 levels of Corsair! 

Archers Knife!

1 level of Thief!

Finished TAU 6!

Gobbiebag 5 & 6!

More to come...